Friday, October 26, 2007

This work is available on ebay

Careful what art you throw in the trash, it could be worth something.....

Have you heard facebook? Well facebook is a social utility that allows you to find friends and like minded individuals with similiar interests through groups. Besides that, it has many other features and allows you to follow friends thru mini feeds and the activity or groups they join. I have to admit it's a bit addicting.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Show at The Metro

I hung my work yesterday and a trendy wine and coffeehouse yesterday. When I got to there, no parking could be found due to a local event in neighborhood. So I struggled to find a spot by driving around the neighborhood settling on a corner spot on a street that I wasn't was legal but didn't end up with parking ticket fortunately.
I took 16 pieces with me, more than enough for the wall space. I didn't remember the wall space being that small. Sometimes it's important to get the measurements of the wall space - note to self.

In environment section of Newsweek, I read an article about a social movement written by Raina Kelley. You may think that only the homeless, and desperate drug users raid the alleyway garbage cans. There is a new term called Freegan, derived from Free and Vegan. A Freegan is a person who has decided to boycott capitalistic society by severely curtailing consumption of resources through reusing, recycling and dumpster diving. Freegans try not to purchase anything, and favor a system of bartering with the items they may find in an urban jungle. I don't think this lifestyle works in small midwestern towns. :)
My show is at:
Metropolitan Coffee House and Wine Bar - Sept 30 to Oct -29
902 A. Charles St Baltimore, Maryland