Friday, June 30, 2006

So our first week of living in our new home started off with a bang on Sunday - where it was reported 2 inches of rain fell within the hour. Inevitably some of this water ended up in our basement cellar entry. Once I opened the door, water streamed in - argh! My biggest worry was how much water would accumulate. Fortunately the previous owners left araound pumps which once Helens father arrived, we plugged in and began to get the water out. Thankfully!
Other neighbors reported flooding as well. When you own a property and this happens, afear that is hard two explain overcomes you. The neighbors assured us this is a rare event - and 2 inches of rain within an hour is unusual for this area.

Helen starts taking on patients tomorrow - Picasso is getting adjusted to all the other dogs in the neighborhood and I need to get my studio supplies out so I can start some painting. :) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Meet Dr. Witte

Well I just loaded some pictures from my digital camcorder, and I thought of the graduation pics this captured the moment.

Our moving truck made it to Baltimore and the driver was able to navigate a 54 foot long semi trailer in a small residential area. I'm telling you it was quite a tight squeeze but the driver managed to get it to our new home. That semi truck captured the attention of the neighbors! Now each day we are driving from Silver Spring to Baltimore to spend time in our new home painting and cleaning, we often chat to the neighbors and these neighbors are not the least bit shy about sharing information about each other in the neighborhood but themselves.

Officialy, I think I can say I've reached burbville, complete with a music playing 50's style ice cream truck that stops twice daily. Mmmm.....soft serve ice cream at your door.

Monday, June 05, 2006

We made it!

We've made it to the East Coast - between the trip to South America, our move to the east coast, graduation, and buying a new house I don't know any more stressors one can fill in their schedules. Life out of boxes has been good, but we're ready to get unpacked. Too bad, this won't happen for few weeks but at least we're in good hands at Helen's parents home and with our dog Picasso. Over the month he has grown, but he still maintains his playfulness and mischevious grin.

I feel somewhat bad not being able to say goodbye with everyone in Seattle. This just means I have to return and visit Seattle in the future. Helen's graduation weekend went great, and I was so proud hear the announcement of Dr. Helen Huarca Witte as she crossed the stage. What an acheivement. It was also fun to see her classmates, whom many I've come to know.