Friday, March 31, 2006

Life has been blitzing by - Helen and I are looking to purchase a house within the next week. This is as close to an online purchase of a house that you can get to. Someone at the office joked if I could buy the house with Mastercard or paypal. Luckily, Helen's family will go out an look at places we have narrowed down by our internet searches. The realtors were even impressed on what we found and confirmed the house that is our #1 choice looks intriguing. We'll let realtor to realtor battle out for the pricing. Thank goodness for the internet.

I heard from a good friend and artist located in Puerto Rico. We were roommates in my early college days and it was great to see his new work.

Off to the right is a small study from a mannequin piece.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Baltimore it is!!!

I guess its time to say goodbye to Seattle. Helen matched with her first choice at U of Maryland medical residency for the next 4 years. It is an exciting change, yet I can't help but leave a part of me in Seattle. Years ago I arrived at 26 with my suitcase and a few dreams. I leave Seattle finding a wife, showing my work and establishing contacts with a few collectors, and creating friendships that will endure. Thanks to my college buddy Manik, who originally encouraged me to leave the then confines of Iowa on '99 and establish camp here in Seattle. I certainly wouldn't have moved out here if it wasn't for him.

So my niece, Anna, a fourth grader recently won a drawing contest in which you had to make an advertisement for one of the local businesses in the small town of Riverside, Iowa. Her drawing of the pizza cowboy for the business the Pizza Ranch won grand prize. When I looked at the other entries, Anna's drawing by far stood out as the the most original. Totes to Anna - 50$ in her pocket as well. :)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Study for painting Refelctive Contemplation

So I picked up a flat bed scanner from Best Buy (Epson 3590) today and here is small study for the finished painting 'Reflective Contemplation".

Normally I hate Best Buy and use the store just to look around - but I had some coupons to use so I saved some money on the scanner purchase. And my Cyberscan X slide scanner is not working. :(

The thumbnail studies of my paintings are fun to look at for me. The marks feel loose, fresh and spontaneous. This is hard to maintain one you transition to the final painting because you have more mental hurdles like the fear of making a mistake that can kill a painting.

Look for more of my thumbnai studies and ideas from sketchbook in this blog. On another note Helens ER rotation is done. She starts a dermatology rotation Monday and is back to more regular hours - thank goodness because her schedule inevitably affects the significant other. Thursday we find out where Helen does here medical residency for the next four years....