Friday, February 14, 2014

Stapleton Kearn's Snowcamp Day 2

Day one's result:

At night after day 1, went out on the porch and sketched this little scene which might make a good painting:

I keep a sketchbook handy and make a goal to scribble something everyday.

Day two of Snow camp was met with steady snow throughout the day.  After our breakfast in the morning, we headed downstairs. Stape worked on the painting he did the day before. His intent was to show us how he was going to push this painting further.  Stape doesn't always finish his paintings completely outside or in one session.  They're often brought into the studio for refinement.  He had a digital reference photo captured by his phone up on his computer, but didn't really use it at all while working up the scene.  Instead he relied on his memory and  the help of some extraordinary guitar performance by Jeff Beck playing as background music from his laptop, was able to improve the painting.   Stape has painted a long time, and making paintings for your survival and living has to create a strong visual memory.  We did learn about an interesting technique called puffer pods.

Basically its tiny marks, dapples or dots applied around the branches of tree. This creates a flickering effect and visual interest for the eyes. Edward Seago(one of Stapes's Heros) uses them here in this painting.

John Singer Sargent below:

I can see a use for this technique in my own work.

After we ater lunch, we dawned our winter gear and layers to paint from the porch.  This back porch at the Sunset Hill House is large, and allows for shelter from the elements.
 I was closer to the edge of the porch and as the day wore on, my palette became  affected by the  snow accumulation.   The mix of medium oil paint and snow becomes this gritty slurry making it difficult to paint.  Here was the effort from the afternoon:


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