Friday, May 31, 2013

Thumbnail # 3

Too late to analyze this one, but I may go back to this spot and revisit.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thumbnail # 2

Edgar Payne talks about the types of compositions as follows, Steelyard, the Balance Scale,  the Circle, the S or compound curve, The Pyramid, Grouped Masses, diagonal Line, The Tunnel, Silhouette, and The Pattern.
Here's an example of a Payne thumbnail (pg 120 Composition of Outdoor Painting) illustrating the Tunnel composition:

Here is my daily thumbnail 2 x 3 inches with Tombow markers:

I attempted to use the tree masses from the left  and over the sidewalk meet the tree masses coming from the right. The sidewalk takes you into the picture.  The lighting was dramatic, being early morning illumination with strong contrasts. My marks and shape definition could be clearer so I'll need to work on that.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Daily Thumbnails

As a landscape painter while working outside, it is often encouraged to take the time to complete a short thumbnail or sketches prior to making marks on the canvas.  In Edgar Payne's book titled "Composition of Outdoor Painting", he has many pages that are thumbnails referencing types of named compositions. I am going out and completing a thumbnail each morning during my dogwalk and often and see the compositions Payne names in his book. It takes few extra minutes but I m see the value in this exercise.  It develops a keen eye for spotting painting subjects within your own neighborhood, and fits some mental exercise. As a dad with kids, I'm learning to fit in draw time with sketching at a moments notice or at times that are available. I'll be posting everyday for 30 days my results.