Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving 07

I'm posting this drawing without the suggested improvements of one of my helpful fellow artists Materese. Not because I didn't followup on her always helpful comments, no I'm just too lazy to rescan the revised drawing! Plus I wanted to get something on my blog today. :)

What this drawing represents to me is a journey into using darkness and a range of value in my work. Maybe its a step into more "traditional" style set ups, but understanding value and applying it to compositions has enabled me to find the benefits of this approach. One, you don;t have to render every little shape of detail and allow things to come out of the darkness. I feel this thinking is a big step for me, which I have to thank Materese for you helpful critiques. It's important for artistic growth to exchange ideas and be around other artists, and the internet has helped. It's called sharing.

Reading Anna Quindlen's piece in the latest Newsweek titled "Blessed is the Full Plate" is an appropriate themed Thanksgiving topic and it sheds light on the hungry in the US. I was saddened to read that food pantries are facing shortages due to the cutbacks by the government. Donations from federal programs that buy excess crops from farmers has shrunk and more farmers are producing corn for ethanol. Food producing companies are becoming increasingly efficient in conquering quality control packaging that eliminates the irregular cans and battered boxes that once went to the needy.

I remember helping out in food pantry in Seattle on Thanksgiving several years ago, and seeing the expressions on the homeless youth, adults and those college students just looking for a place to come and be with others. I walked by or seen many of these folk on the streets while waiting for the bus to get to downtown throughout the year. I can't forget their smiles and expressions of gratitiude to see me serving them - they were the kings for the day and guests, not ignored or shunned but treated like loved human beings.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Two bottles in the morning light

Often when I walk into my studio in the mornings, objects stand out in the soft morning light. It's these moments that speak I know I should capture. That's the difficult part, maintaining the motivation to do this. This is small sketch which should work into a nice painting.
Also, since I tunred 35 in October a self portrait at this point is calling me. Self portraits can be a scary adventure.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

finally a size that fits

This scan of a recent painting contains a bit more viridian green in the lower right that compliments the reds found in the pomegranate. I feel good about this piece and represents a step in learning a more classical approach.
My wife often complains about her wide feet due to her Andean genetics. A wide foot benefited the Inca in the high Andean mountains. Sadly the indigenous indigenous population is often the last marketed too in terms of consumer goods. Finally, Nike has made an attempt to manufacture a shoe that fits this portion of the population. Article here.
I've decided to paint in acrylics and have abandoned oil painting. Oil paint has become too messy, smelly, and the levels toxicity has made it a cumbersome medium.