Friday, June 29, 2007

It's been a year now since we left Seattle for Baltimore. So far the east coast is ok for me, and I'm still warming up to the area. I can't say that thoughts of longing develop when I hear news or references of Seattle.

One thing that I have been watching or observing are gardens and subtle changes of nature in the neighborhood. I'm treating this garden season as learning one - there is so much to know about plants. My desire to want to go into new endeavors with the greatest amount of knowledge slows my progress. But I think the investment of learning and time pay off. It's been fun to see the small garden and seeds I've planted around the property grow. Unfortunately I had such a late start this year that I can't say our yard is where I want it to be. We did plant a Japanese maple this year and love its presence.

Backyards are interesting in the rowhome area of Baltimore. Backyards are either neglected with overgrowth, or are areas that feature lovely gardens and lawns. Oh and this area features a lot of backyard swimming pools full of children splashing about this time of year. My plans next year are to tackle our lawns head on and garden in the back yard of our row house. This little painting was done a month and half ago. I wanted to capture the blume of the yellow lilies along the fence line in our backyard.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

No news on the missing painting Watermelon Door. Whenever someone asks me about the piece out of sympathy, I immediately have negative thoughts. It's the bad experience that won't go away.

A few weeks a go, Helen and I finsihed the HBO series Six Feet Under. The finale was superb, and we were on the edge of the bed intently concentrating on the ending details. Alan Ball left some mystery, especially the part where Maggie is left in the hospital room after Nates death.

The show quite possibly touches everyones life in some aspect. Death is universal, and we all deal with it differently.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


It'seen a little over a week since my painting "Watermelon Door" has been missing. In your mind you attempt to rationalize the incident. Questions and what if's arise. My instinct told me it was not in ideal location, and what if I hung the piece in a difeerent location of the cafe. If the person wanted the piece that bad, why couldn't the party talk to me and we could make payment arrangements. Is the purpose of the thief is to simply hang the painting in their space and how can they feel good about enjoying the work. I don't know.

This piece is working with the idea of combining landscape with still life, Japanese container and sake cup. I wanted to include Mt. Fuji in the upper left but thought the idae was a little trite.