Monday, May 28, 2007

A bit freaked and torn

On Monday I received a call from a local Philly/Baltimore artist Rick Santiago referred to as the "unartist", and he asked me if I knew the whereabouts or if I had sold my painting "Watermelon Door" hanging along with his work at Xando cafe 3003 North Charles in Baltimore.

"I didn't", was my reply. The managers and Rick had seen the painting on Saturday at closing, and believe it was taken on Sunday.

I've never encounted problems of theft in my experiences of hanging at coffee shops. I don't want to believe its gone, and it tears me up to know it is missing. I doubt if I will hang in cafe again. Even though the commission allows an artist to reduce the price of the piece, the risk of damage and inadequate security is too great.

The piece had the highest retail price in the show, was and hanging next to the exit door in a lower level that wasn't monitored directly by an employee.

Maybe the person who took my work is reading this blog. For the sake of goodwill, I would like my piece returned. No questions asked. I'm not a wealthy nor famous artist, just someone who wanted to allow his work to be shown in avenue that others might look at it with admiration.

I have a reward for anyone who might have information leading to the return of the painting.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A painting to Music

An art friend of mine with whom I have been corresponding with via e-mail suggested I try an exercise by painting to music. The idea is to lose yourself in the right brain. Remember the right brain is not concerned with time or technical aspects and is likely behind all the daydreming we do as little children.

The song I chose was Coyoacán And Variations composed by Elliot Goldenthal. This song was on the Frida movie soundtrack # 21.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A day off

I'm attempting to avoid drawing and painting photographs altogether. So when I saw Helen and our dog Picaso(Peeky) sleeping on the couch, I couldn't avoid to capture thim moment through sketch. On Helen's days off from call this is usually how she spends it - sleeping on the couch.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Here's my first landscape piece done in a nearby local park. 16 " x 6", Acrylic

There's definitely something about painting outside and directly from life. Lately I've been working out of my studio. Indoors you can never get the range of light outside.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Another drawing

I've been honing in on value studies through still life and finding that charcoal on paper exercises liberating from the complexities of color. Now, when I go to work on a few pieces involving color I'm almost overwhelmed. Getting a good value range is difficult enough with black and white, let alone color.

The interaction of color and choices that are made during the creative process exponentially increase. Yes, we know the basics about reds being warm and attention grabbing, while blues cool in color recede. But you also have complimentary colors, muted tones, and chroma to consider. With black an white its just that - black and white and value range. The choices may be limited, but the possibilities endless in what you can draw.