Thursday, August 24, 2006

Trailer trash and body double

Ever google your name to find your double? Isn't that some theory in life that we have someone somewhere in this world that mirrors us? I haven't met this person but if you go you'll find a musician/songwriter - similiar to visual artist like myself in many ways.

The picture above is from the trailer court I grew up. Many times I walked by this area, so looking at this photo brings back memories. But actually working on some preliminary charcoal drawings are even recalling stronger recollections. Already I feel a strong energy around this image so hopefully it will come out successfully as a painting. I never thought of myself as trailer trash growing up - however when driving through this area as an adult I can see how these stereotypes are formed. Junked out cars, loud arguments between spouses, tank tops and tattoos, along with running kids in the streets aren't uncommon. What is interesting about this photo is the repetition of rectangular shapes and surfaces that shift back and forth and lean off a kilter in subtle ways. The repetition of line created by the siding in trailer home are present which I will likely emphasize in the finished painting.

Friday, August 11, 2006

So far, besides painting I've been playing house husband. With this time I've managed to increase my skills in cooking main dishes and lately pies. I think I will tackle cookies today.

The bombing threat and bust in the London airports dominated the news yesterday. Financial times reads " ' British security officials suspected the innovative use of liquid explosives smuggled on board could have evaded airport detection devices. They said the method of attack, if used to blow up an aircraft over the ocean on a flight from the US to the UK, could potentially have been used repeatedly because its detection would have been all but impossible after the event. "

Scary thought. I saw a funny news item on Jay Leno where they had a mass of nude people walking thru a security checkpoint at an airport.

Anybody watch Big Brother out there? I have to say Kaysars departure from the house was disappointing but I did read on a feed update site BB had to re-do the HOH competition and guess who won it -Janelle. :)

Above is a small thumbnain of the house I did my Window Within painting. I was glad to find this photograph and I changed the composistion slightly. This should work as a larger painting.