Saturday, May 20, 2006

Stuck in Moving Mode

Most of my paintings, and wall hangings are off my apartment. I'm beginning to paint our walls back to a neutral shade light pale brown color that you find often in rentals. It's a shame because a color can have dramatic effect on a space. Meanwhile, the boxes are beginning to slowly take over as our apartment becomes a maze of detours from the bedroom to living room, bathroom, and kitchen. And it's funny what you discover when you start to sort through all your stuff and decide what to keep and discard. Mainly old photographs or drawing scribbles that hit you in way which causes you to glance and ponder. Next thing you know and hour has gone by.

I've been learning a thing or two on discovering methods of packing my paintings. It's a slow process but I'm getting there. I've basically fitted each side with pipefitting that provides a remarkakable amount of cushion, and wrappred each piece with bubble wrap. My peices will be placed into a custom built crates (thanks to one of my good friends at the gallery) seperated be sturdy cardboard. Newspaper will act as filler. It's a bit nerve wracking but I hope this work pays off when I see the moving truck arrive in Baltimore with my work all in 1 piece.

On top of our moving stress, we are doing the searching for new home dance. We'll find out more Monday. It hasn't hit me yet but June 4th we will be flying to Seattle.

Monday, May 08, 2006

A neat Helen Photo

Meet our New Puppy!

Both Helen and I made it back to Seattle - only to be welcomed by several pounds of snail mail! Yeah it tends to pile up when you're gone over a month. Sometimes in takes traveling to a different part of the world that makes you recognize the conveniences and system we have in the states ( although not perfect) is pretty good.

We are missing our puppy (Picasso) who is staying at Helen's parents in DC. Picasso will certainly remind us of our trip and adventures in Peru for years to come. We'll be in Baltimore in less than a month, and hopefully in our new home where we can be re-united with Picasso. I don't think Helen's mother is too fond of dogs, but states Picasso is awfully cute and well-mannered despite his bathroom accidents yesterday. But hey, after a long flight, a layover and a new place I think anyone would be a bit accident prone. :)

Tomorrow, we travel to Iowa to see my family for a week. Posted by Picasa