Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Wyeth next to mine?

The image on the left is titled "Window Within", a 28 x 34 inch oil painting I did from from a photo reference in the summer 1996 in painting class at Iowa State University. I'd set off every evening after dinner to escape the smothering Iowa summer heat to the smells of the college painting studio. I was looking at Andrew Wyeth's work that summer and unaware of his painting on the right titled "Geraniums", 1960 drybrush and water color. Only recently, while reading Wyeths's autobiography by Thomas Hoving the color plate "Geraniums" immediately struck me. Can my painting hang next to Wyeth's? I don't know but my painting "Window Within" impressed the professor she told me I could be a painter. That has sort of haunted me, because I done other things in my life that hasn't placed painting in forefront. Being a painter is scary occupation and you need lots of guts to do it, let alone well enough to make a real living at it. When I sell a painting to total stranger, its a big thrill but selling isn't the point or measure of success because I try to paint with my heart. I've met enough enough professional painters to have an understanding what it takes to achieve a high level and it often seems easier not to chase this goal. But I do anyways. Live on and pursue I guess.