Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stapleton Kearn's Snowcamp Day 3

Day 3 of snow camp feels a bit down, because its the last day.  You've established some comradery, traded art tips, personal stories, and made connections. After breakfast we all agreed to head out and paint
foregoing the morning demo. And thats what we did, and the result is something I can further develop.

After the painting session the demo and lesson was on installing a broken color scheme. Basically you are attempting to use two complementary colors of the same value in a painting passage.  The impressionists gave the world two new ideas, broken color and purple or blue shadows.   Here is my crude example of broken color.  The example in the top right is more successful with Stape's aid.  The key to this is the colors that are close in value can blend together while squinting but are separate enough to cause a vibration effect.

A friend at snowcamp who was there a year before remarked how much my paintings had improved from the previous year. Even though my paintings are rough starts I do feel each one had something to be developed.  Painting is extremely difficult although it appears Bob Ross relaxing, the good artists are mentally putting everything in their work.  Painters are in relentless pursuit of their vision. Painting is a mountain we can all climb and its so valuable to be able to be around other great artists like Stape who can help you reach new summits.