Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More drawings from Clara

Clara is getting more curious about Dad's drawings. She often grab my charcoal pencil while in the midst of the drawing and demand my sketchbook. She is becoming more adept at controlling the pencil, although it will still find a way to her mouth. Once she gets past the mouthing stage, we'll move onto making work in other media besides charcoal pencil and paper.  It will be fun.

Here are 2 drawings I wanted to share and talk about their similarity to artist and abstract expressionist Franz Kline, May 23, 1910 – May 13, 1962.  The first drawing is the full scale version, and the second is an enlarged portion, the area I consider the greatest amount of energy and tension within the piece.  



Kline, inspired by artist William De Kooning de Kooning used a picture enlarger to enhance his art and emphasize the mark making to a larger scale.  An example:

Painting Number 2, 1954,
The Museum of Modern Art

Perhaps Kline is breaking down to the most elemental type of mark.  Marks that are not preconceived or prejudiced to a particular style or genre. It is onlt a style or movement when the critics and public assigns them a style . Kline's and Clara's work allow a bit of randomness, freedom, and boldness that we as adults find so hard to achieve or find in our lives.