Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Clara first drawing

Clara created artwork for the first time, experimenting with some of Helen's crayola markers. As a father her first lines make me proud, and as an artist I look at the feeling and energy of the work. Jackson Pollock, No. 14 (Gray) comes to mind. Both pieces display a variety and flow of mark making with each line and dots expressing its own individual personality. Each has a similiar energy level.

Helen described Clara carefully making each dot, and mark. Let's face it, Clara is not Jackson Pollock, but the piece to me is a memory created through this work. I'm sure in the future we'll catch her now with marker in hand, playfully coloring our walls of the house. I better have some magic eraser and touch up paint on hand. Or better yet leave the marks, they add so much more life and character to our living space. After all isn't that what the cave famous paintings in Lascaux, France are all about?