Friday, March 19, 2010

From the sketchbook: Clara almost walking

(click to enlarge)
Clara is not walking on her own yet, but getting closer. I managed do a quick sketch that I like today right before naptime. We just celebrated her first birthday and I'm beside myself when I think about the past year and how fast it has gone. I've been documenting her through sketches and photographs, which will be fun to look at in a few years.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Brutus at night

This is thumbnail (value study) of our neighbors house across the street. This is at night, at the moment when most are getting ready to retire for the evening. Their dog, Brutus, a staffordshire terrier or commonly known as pitbull, would sit outside on the front porch. He appeared intimidating, but a sweet pooch at heart.

What I love about sketch is the sense of glowing light on the dog and illumination of from the artificial sources-windows and porch lights. The color scheme is reminiscent of an Ed Hopper featuring deep red and glowing yellow-greens. I have to work on that study next.

This scene is no longer, however as the family (they had their share of problems) have went their seperate ways while the house will soon be up for sale. I'm glad I did this study as it is a reminder of the scene I had wanted to paint for 3 years now, but more importantly how in life circumstances change faster than the weather.