Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Green Pear on side

I don't know if this painting reads as a pear, but I like the confident stroke and marks I am making is this piece.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I had surgery last Friday, and I'm finally getting back to normal. It is going to be month before I can do any lifting over 10 lbs. Thankfully my wife has been great helping me to recover. It humbles you to be so in need of physical help of the simplest things. But I'm seeing an increase in movement and desire to do more that should put me back to 100% soon. So, I havent been painting in the meanwhile. And since we have baby due in March, I made the desicion to take on the task of cleaning out my studio a week prior to my surgery. I want to repaint the room, so I have taken down the old plaster. This involves a ton of scraping and steaming but its fun. I plan to paint the room a cheery welcoming yellow, with some artsy paintings of Panda bears for the new one which arrives in March.

I'm still deciding whether or not divy off the room as 1/2 my studio and the other 1/2 nursery. If I can get the basement cleaned out, I may have to paint down there.