Friday, April 18, 2008

Importance of UV protected glass

My wife and I were in Iowa a few weeks ago visiting family and friends. On our trip, we came across a goodwill store. I love goodwill stores, full of archiac knick-knacks and outdated treasures. While in the store, I found an antique old frame that had an oval opening revealing a prairie scene depicting an wagon and farmhouse. This five dollar discovery I decided would be perfect to frame a picture I have when my Grandmother was 5 years old in 1922.

When we arrived home and I began to take the backing off the piece the full print fell to the ground reveling the ovoid area exposed to the sun. The true color of the print was areas outside the exposure.

This print was not behind UV protected glass. The sun and light, over time will cause colors to fade in paintings, artwork, and prints. You pay a little more for uv protected glass but it's worth it because UV protected glass can filter out 95% of the sun. It is also important to know that original paintings have a layer of varnish and artwork is not directly exposed to the sun or harsh lighting.