Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Easier said than done

I've been using online forums that include artists of all levels. This piece is an example of improving a piece based on other user feedback. The internet, a tool, and these forums certainly have made it easier for artists to connect and get instant feedback.

It's easy to critique others work. Often, you know how to improve a piece - whether its value, composition, etc but when you tackle your own work it's as if you forget these principles. It's much more difficult to execute good painting than discuss the finer points on making something work. I only realized this after looking at the work of others who comment and make good suggestions, but then when I look at their work I scratch my head sometimes. Not that it's bad work, but it seems to lack the some of the points they would use to critique your work. The same advice we give could probably be used to improve our own experiences, both in art and life.
There are artists that can consistently produce great work in their own unique styles. Good work comes with practice, which artist can never get enough of and the challenge is their is always room to learn. You never get bored as an artist, you just struggle. :)

I came across the great work of fellow artist, Claire Kayser. Her use of bold colors and fresh mark is a treat to the eyes.