Thursday, January 31, 2008

Matisse and the Electric car

I've been looking at works by Henri Matisse. I enjoy his use of bold color and shapes within his work that play upon each other in effortless harmony. I wanted to try my own Matisse below. I'm happy with the drawing and not so happy with the painting but I'll continue to work on subject matter that evoke Mattisse's style. It's break from more of the traditional still life I have been painting lately.

If you havent seen the movie 'Who killed the Electric Car' , I strongly encourage it. This website has more information. These cars that were first introduced in California showed amazing promise from an energy conservation, environmental, and convenience stand point. Imagine no more filling up at smelly gasoline stations when you can charge your car at home. Apparently in 2003 GM pulled all these cars claiming there was no customer demand.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Drama in a Bottle

Here's piece I finished recently. I'm exploring dramatic lighting in this piece. Still life can be often seen as stage drama as each object is a cast members that each take on a different personality and drama. I wanted to bring the most attention to the orange and gray bottle.

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