Sunday, September 02, 2007

Million Dollar woman

There's a new CEO in town. Angela Braly was appointed by the nations largest health insurance provider Wellpoint. From USA Today "WellPoint, which does business in California as Blue Cross of California, is one of several insurers under investigation by state regulators for what industry critics say is a practice of canceling coverage after some individual policyholders fall ill with expensive conditions."

The whole premise of our health care industry is to make the most profit by denying coverage and not insuring those at high risk. A system built on that premise can't possibly have the best interest of patients in mind.

Tired of credit card offers coming to you in the mail? Try this - take those pre-paid envelopes, stuff it full of the junk mail you received, and drop it back in the mail. This way, the post office gets more money(hopefully this will ease the inevitable postage increases we see often), and you feel better knowing the company that spent your time is having their time spent too.