Monday, November 13, 2006

The Gross Clinic

So it looks like a Thomas Eakins painting titled "The Gross Clinic" fetched an amazing $68 million dollars sold from Thomas Jefferson University to The National Gallery of Art in DC. The painting, 8 foot by 7 footer fetched 200$ in 1878. I wonder how far 200$ went back then.

This painting was particular memorable for me when I noticed one of Helen's medical text books. We were in the car filling with gas, and as I looked over to her in her lap rested the book with this image. Nonchalantly, I said that's a Thomas Eakins painting. Helen flipped to the inside credits somewhat suprised and skeptical. But once she confirmed I was correct, she asked how could I remember such random facts. Well, it's called art history in college and although I don't remember focusing on that painting or writing an essay per se, the name Thomas Eakin immediately name came to my head at first glance of her book cover.

Here's another study of a chair outside on a porch in Fremont(Seattle).