Friday, April 28, 2006

So far Le Paz has been a wonderful city - clean, full of life and fairly modern with some of the craziest driving and car congestion I have seen. Somehow, the cars keep rolling without frequent accidents. The main thing that there is now pedestrian right of ways, so when crossing a busy street you might find yourself in the middle of traffic jam with cars and busses af few feet from you. Literally, its often a mad dash across a street with your movements similiar to the videogame Frogger. :)
Helen and I are headed to Cochabamba to see friend for a few days. Oh and we´re in the middle of attempting to bring in a puppy to the US from a family member. Helen fell in love with the minature poodle and her cousins what the puppy to go to a good home. Although the pup will need to stay with Helen´s family in D.C. for the first month until we get into Baltimore. We´ve named him Picasso.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

We´re back in Lima. We´ve been on the road and keeping a grueling schedule with little sleep. Helen feels much better now we are at Sea level. Yesterday we went to see the Nasca lines. Apparently there is still a lot of mystery surrounding these lines that were made in the desert and can be viewed easily from the air. Shapes include condors, monkeys, humanoid looking figures, and other various sorts- these shapes are quite large and the question begs what were the intententions of these line formations.... some say there were related to their worship of particular gods, predictions of solstices and calender events, and even some theories go as far as the shapes being used to communicate with aliens. The whole area of Nasca is Xfile ish. Tonite we head to Le Pas in Bolivia to se more famalia.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Here in Cuzco...not a lot of time to post however. So far the elevation at Cuzco has been kicking my butt. We all(Helen, her father and uncle) saw Machu Piccu yesterday and it was awesome. Write more later...